How can we help with your investments?

Saving hard-earned money over the years whilst working is for most of us nearly always for one of two purposes:

  • Paying off a financial obligation at a known date e.g. educational fees for children, or a mortgage, AND/OR
  • Building up funds sufficient to provide an adequate income in retirement.

Some of us are lucky enough eventually to have family inheritances, and this of course makes the lifestyle challenge easier.

There are a number of financial products available such as Individual Savings Accounts, Investment Bonds, and Personal Pension Plans, which offer valuable tax advantages that have the potential to enhance the size of the eventual retirement pot.

However, the investor is still faced with a number of quite tricky decisions which can have a huge impact on the end result. Our Regulated Services arm has the expertise to help you navigate your way through the maze of investment options, technical jargon and the personal and inheritance tax implications.

Saving for known date:

  • Invest in stocks & shares, or place in a deposit account?
  • What sort of growth should I expect?
  • How risky is it?
  • How likely is it to fall short of the amount needed?
  • If for a child, should the account be in the child’s name, or should we retain control ourselves “just in case”?
  • Which is better – Offshore Bond or Junior ISA?
  • Which is better for paying off a mortgage – saving in a Stocks & Shares ISA, or using the tax-free cash lump sum from a personal pension plan?
  • I am young – should I be saving in a Lifetime ISA, or pay more into my personal pension plan?

At Retirement

  • Should I be investing my Stocks & Shares to maximise income, or maximise growth, or a combination of both?
  • What happens to my ISAs when I die?
  • Should I take the maximum tax free cash up front from my pension plan and draw income from the remaining asset?
  • How much risk should I be taking with my investments now that I have stopped working?
  • What sort of income can I expect from my savings pot?
  • What is the chance I will run out of money during retirement?
  • Can I invest in a way that provides me with an income but are not subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT) when I die?

High Net Worth (HNW) Clients

HNW clients generally have more complex tax and investment needs, and unfortunately the standard tax exemptions are smaller relative to the funds available for investment.

Additionally, a HNW client typically has the financial resources to plan well beyond their own lifetimes, and can think in terms of 50-year investment horizons which project well into their children’s middle age. The introduction in 2015 of “pension freedoms” in particular has prompted HNW clients to view their large pension pots as tax efficient family wealth transference vehicles, over which it happens they have temporary governance.

We use proprietary software from Morningstar to create highly diversified and efficient portfolios, designed to:

  • Be robust in the face of macroeconomic and political uncertainties over the long term.
  • Optimise the trade-off between exposure to risk and the need to generate a sustainable living income whilst keeping pace with inflation.
  • Draw upon the most effective investment vehicles available, including open-ended funds, closed-end funds (“investment trusts”), and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


If you require more information or assistance regarding possible Investment requirements, please email us.


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