Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance can either be an essential requirement for a company with employees travelling overseas on business or for employees to provide cover for leisure purposes.  Unexpected difficulties whilst travelling can be worrying for the employee, inconvenient for both the company and employee and potentially costly.

Travel Insurance provides protection and support in the event of an accident or emergency.

Under Travel insurance policies it is possible to claim in relation to the following:

  • Medical Emergency and other related expenses
  • Luggage delay
  • Damaged or lost luggage
  • Loss of money and/or passport
  • Travel delay
  • Personal accident

Where cover is funded by the employer, the cost can attract corporation tax relief, the employer is liable for Class 1A National Insurance contributions on the premiums and they are treated as a P11d benefit for employees.

Goddard Perry will work with you, providing guidance and support to ensure the benefits you provide meet with your company and employee needs.  Our service includes.

Planning & Consulting

  • Initial meeting to understand your business and employee needs and create a project plan.
  • Analysis of any existing arrangements, and if required a full market review to source and recommend a suitable arrangement.
  • Consultation and advice on the key points to consider, your scheme design and identification of any other relevant issues.

Implementation and Employee Communications

  • Full assistance with the implementation of the arrangement.
  • Provision of an employee communication strategy to ensure they are made aware of the cover to be provided and their option to opt-out.
  • Assistance with completion of the insurers application documents and ensuring that cover is place and documented correctly.

Ongoing Services

  • Managing your scheme renewals each year.
  • Each year we will also conduct a market review to ensure your provider remains suitable. A clear and concise report will be provided making a recommendation to enable you to make an informed decision for the benefit of the company and employees.
  • Annual review of staff data to ensure all employees remain covered and eligible.
  • Assistance with underwriting claims.
  • Keep you informed of Legislative changes which may affect the benefits you provide.
  • Inform you of any valuable additional benefits provided by the insurer you have chosen.


If you require more information or assistance regarding possible Travel Insurance Plan requirements please email us.

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